Our teams foster an environment of trust and empowerment, where good ideas are encouraged, and setbacks are viewed as learning opportunities. Always tuned in to the bigger picture, we are motivated by a strong sense of responsibility towards our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and our communities.

human rights


Respect for human rights, including women’s rights and labor rights, are foundations of our corporate culture. We have a clear commitment to legal compliance and strictly oppose any form of discrimination and harassment, child labor or forced labor or any other un-ethical behavior. We also expect our business partners and our suppliers to fully observe human rights.

Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours.


REAL ALLOY is committed to maintaining a dialogue with the public, our suppliers, customers, and other contractual partners. In new projects as well as in ongoing operations, we continuously assess our impact on the surrounding communities. We do so to offer transparency and insights into the activities of our various sites and related environmental considerations. This transparency is a prerequisite for sustaining an asset of immense value for REAL ALLOY: the support and trust of the communities we operate and live in. 

Grievance or complaint mechanisms are important to better understand the impact of REAL ALLOY’s operations in its surrounding communities. Grievances may be of any kind, including social and environmental issues. We strive for easy addressability – to solve issues before they become bigger problems. Meetings with local stakeholders, such as neighbors, local politicians, citizen associations, and the media, help safeguard a continuous exchange of information in both directions.


Our more than 1000 employees in North America are the key to our success. They – on behalf of REAL ALLOY – deliver on our responsibilities to our stakeholders. We understand that their knowledge and capabilities are a prerequisite for being successful, both for them as individuals as well as for REAL ALLOY as a company. Training and qualification are therefore integral parts of our daily business. Health and safety, environmental protection, and responsible use of resources are regular training topics just like good operating practices for all our production equipment. This is part of our effort to provide a good and safe working environment. It also supports our attractiveness as an employer and helps retain talented people in a highly competitive labor market.

social dialog


We are committed to communicating openly with our employees and their representatives, and pursuing a constructive dialog. Our goal is to inform them early on about important issues.  As a result, we are positioned to successfully face challenges and changes in society, the economy and politics in order to remain competitive and sustainable in the future.


REAL ALLOY’s management and employees place the utmost importance on the protection of health and safety.  We incorporate occupational health and safety considerations into all our operational activities and decisions. “Zero injuries” is our ultimate goal and the driver of our ongoing efforts to continuously improve our health and safety performance, which have so far resulted in injury rates that are lower than the secondary aluminum industry’s average. Beyond the immediate efforts regarding safety in the workplace, we also promote safe practices and behaviors outside of work and offer programs for preventative health care and well-being.  

information security


It is the goal of REAL ALLOY to implement IT policies, procedures, and controls that protect the company’s information assets, including personal information of employees, customers, and other business partners.  A strong security position is maintained through the application of robust security controls, data ownership responsibilities, and maintenance of the security infrastructure.  Additionally, REAL ALLOY provides monthly refresher training to employees on a variety of Information Security topics.