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Recycling Process

Complete Recycling Processes

The closed-loop recycling of aluminum was commonplace well before the idea of recycling became widespread. Using recycled aluminum requires a fraction of the energy that would be otherwise used for primary production. The infinite reusability of aluminum makes it the logical choice for environmentally conscious customers seeking greater efficiency in their metal supply.

At REAL ALLOY, we have developed state-of-the-art aluminum recycling processes to deliver even better results to our clients. With a combination of cutting-edge technologies and flexible delivery solutions, we are able to provide maximum value to our customers. With our processes, we efficiently convert scrap metals into usable products and goods. Contact us to learn more about our recycling operations.


In addition to providing recycling solutions, our company also specializes in other metalworking processes. This includes creating specialty products that cannot be directly recycled in a furnace, instead requiring mechanical processing. We can also produce specific alloys by combining aluminum scrap with various hardeners and other additives to create alloys that fit your business needs.


Specialty products