When you are looking for top-tier aluminum products for your business, trust REAL ALLOY to deliver the solutions you need. Aluminum is a light, corrosion-resistant material that is also an excellent conductor of heat, demonstrates a high degree of stability, can be easily molded and processed, and is entirely non-hazardous. These qualities make aluminum suitable for intelligent product solutions and commercial applications. Best of all, the unique properties of aluminum are unaffected by the recycling process so that this precious resource can be reused countless times with no loss of quality.

Thanks to our superior technology and years of expertise, REAL ALLOY achieves high metal recoveries. By carefully maintaining a balance in the material flows for every batch or production run, we continuously optimize our processes and deliver value to our customers.


We offer the full range of aluminum-silicon alloys, from standard high-pressure die-casting to piston, as well as a variety of wrought alloys. By combining various scrap types, skimmings, and drosses with hardeners and other additives, REAL ALLOY produces alloys as specified by customers for their specific applications.


Deox produced by REAL ALLOY is used in the steel-making process to draw out impurities. The product is tailored to each customer’s needs, adhering to size, weight, and chemical specifications.


At REAL ALLOY our approach to working with customers goes much further than supplying the products themselves. Our services cover the complete spectrum of materials management, from planning, organizing, and tracking to the execution and monitoring of the complete flow of materials and products. The REAL ALLOY team of experts is well-positioned to take care of the process, starting with the delivery of scrap metals from the supplier to producing the alloys in our facilities and overseeing final delivery to the customer.

Our approach to innovation not only includes the introduction of new and improved products and technologies but also extends to exploring new sales channels and business models designed to continuously improve the services we offer to our customers.

REAL ALLOY is focused on making sure the right goods are delivered in the right quantities, to the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost.


Aluminum recycling has a bright future in markets around the globe. It provides an affordable, environmentally friendly solution in a world where demand for resources continues to grow. There is increasing awareness among manufacturers and consumers about the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. The production of recycled aluminum requires much less energy and results in far fewer CO2 emissions. REAL ALLOY can accommodate a large variety of raw materials to be converted into different shapes and quality grades. This flexibility meets the needs of various industry segments, from lightweight automotive engineering to the production of well-designed food packaging. Please contact us for an individual technical and commercial consultation with our experts at our site.

Automotive and Transport

Aluminum has become a preferred metal in the automotive industry due to its low specific weight, as compared to conventional metals. Car manufacturers are increasingly opting for lightweight construction methods that use aluminum to make their cars both lighter and more fuel-efficient. Vehicles that are more efficient mean reduced CO2 emissions, which is also good news for the environment.

Packaging and Design

Aluminum is a key material for the packaging of food, medication, and personal hygiene products. It not only provides protection and ensures freshness but also meets complex product design requirements across multiple industries.

Manufacturing and Engineering

In machine and plant engineering, aluminum is highly valued as a versatile construction material. Cast, forged, and extruded parts can be used to create customized, cost-effective, and technologically advanced product solutions for just about every kind of process.

Construction and Architecture

Aluminum is used in the architectural industry and for the construction of facades because it is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Aluminum is also an ideal modern building material as it lends itself to contemporary, aesthetic designs and meets today’s environmental and energy-efficiency standards.

Recycling aluminum is much more efficient than producing it from raw materials. Remelting consumes only about 5% of the energy needed for production.


Our customers are actively involved in the development process and can choose between various delivery options, including RSI, ingot, cone, shot, briquettes, and molten. They can also define when, how, and where the materials are delivered.

Molten is particularly cost-effective if specific quantities of aluminum are required. This form of delivery can significantly reduce the overall outlay, as it means lower energy costs, less metal burn-off, and lower overall handling and financing costs. Customers do not need to operate their own melt shop and can still benefit from access to molten specification alloys at just the right temperature. The supply of liquid aluminum significantly increases foundries’ throughput and efficiency.