We believe everyone deserves respect, dignity, and safety at work. Our success is both professional and personal.

Working at Real Alloy provides a team-based safety atmosphere and the pride of working towards a common goal. We hold our employees to the same standards to which our customers hold us – going the extra mile to deliver quality work. 

We are expanding our team with dedicated teammates, value-driven individuals, and diverse thinkers. This results in better work—and a great work experience.

With competitive pay, robust benefits, strong leadership and many opportunities for growth, Real Alloy is a great choice for the next step in your career. Benefits vary by location and job type, so please be sure to check individual postings to find the best match for you.

Make a meaningful impact on the future of our planet by being part of a team providing an infinitely recyclable product – Aluminum.

Aluminum is an essential element of modern life. You're likely never more than six feet away from a piece of aluminum – from the cars and airplanes that transport us, to the eyeglasses that help us see, the computers and phones we use, the roofs above our heads, the foil and cans that protect our food, even the zippers on our clothes.